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Official Dive Locations
1. Wreck Pereira D'Eça

The Portuguese warship, the General Pereira D'Éça corvette, indicative of the so-called “CORDECA”, was a total of six corvettes, one of three built in 1969/70 by Blohm + Voss, Germany. It measured 83m in length, 10,3m in width, 20,3m in mast and weighed up to 1.400 tonnes, with two diesel engines of 9.280 HP, maximum speed of 24kts, cruise speed of 14kts and crew of 93. Decommissioned in 2006 , it was decided in 2015 to carry out a pre-cleaning system in accordance with environmental safety standards in Lisbon and finally in Porto Santo. On July 13, 2016, it was sunk as Porto Santo's second artificial reef. It is 1,6 km from the coast and at a depth of 30m.

2. Pedra do Ginja

The dive site, formerly called “Pedra do J”, was renamed “GINJA” in honor of a resident grouper. The fish is very friendly and nosy and usually comes to meet divers. He likes to swim among them and will often accompany them throughout the dive. The site consists of a cluster of basalt columns, rocks and boulders, surrounded by white sand. The entry point is about 17m and the maximum depths reach 21m, being often dived in double dives as a second dive after our wrecks or deep dives. Often, a large stingray can be found nestled in the sand between the rocks at the start of the dive, and garden eels raise their heads – until they see the divers arrive! Bicolate bream, zebra sea bream, Atlantic and Canary damsels are a feature of this dive, in addition to the beautiful rock formations. Occasionally, a moray eel or lobster can also be seen peeking out.

3. Cabeço do Poio

The dive site is located in the extreme southwest of Ilhéu de Cima with a maximum depth of 20m over rocks and boulders, so it is suitable for beginners. It is often the second dive after a deep dive / wreck and sometimes combined with the “Grotto”, the cave. Marine life near the islet within the marine protected area is abundant and a recent increase in anemones has been observed. At mid-tide, the current can be strong.


Our mooring buoy is 10m deep. It is an ideal dive site for Discover Scuba Divers, beginners, check dives and snorkels. This site, like most of our sites, is within a protected marine reserve with an abundant fish life along the southern edge of Ilhéu de Cima, which drops straight into the beachless sea.

Being our most frequented dive site, the fish are very used to divers and usually accompany us throughout the dive. Expect to see bream, parrotfish, bream, spider crabs, the occasional moray eel or octopus, and pork. A very relaxing dive. A shallow dive.

Dive Reservation Locations
5. PAIC – Shelter Port of Ilhéu de Cima

The name derives from the shelter that the north coast of Ilhéu de Cima, Ilhéu Superior, offered during the southerly winds. Abundant marine life: monkeys, sea bream, swamps, rays and salemas. Thanks to the variable depths, it is suitable for all experience levels and is usually a drift dive along the northeast side of the islet.

6. Escadinhas

The dive site is along the NE coast of Ilheu de Cima and dives mainly during the less frequent winds from the south, as it is more protected. Make a free descent before skidding along the steep ledge, reaching a maximum of 33m towards the end along the steep wall and over rocks and outcroppings. The current can be quite strong during ebb tides around the full moon and new moon. There are a lot of fish here: groupers, bream, the occasional moray eel, barracudas and monkeys are sure to be seen.